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ICPAS Membership Application

1) What are the entry requirements for the ICPAS membership?

2) I met the above criteria. How can I proceed to register and what are the supporting documents required?

3) Is there a hardcopy of the Associate Membership form that I can complete instead of doing the online application?

4) When completing the online application, I see that it requires 2 character references. Who can be my character references?

5) At the end of the online application, it shows some application fee. Do I have to pay this fee? If so, how can I proceed to make payment for the fee?

6) How long does it take for my membership to be approved?

7) Can I register / reserve a place for the Pre-Admissions Course (PAC) while waiting for approval of my Associate Membership application?

8) I am currently an Associate Member and have completed and passed the Pre-Admissions Course (PAC). Will I be converted to CPA Singapore automatically?

9) What is "relevant working experience"?

10) For the criteria of 3 years post qualification or 5 years pre-post qualification relevant working experience, does it have to be local experience?

11) What is the processing time required for the application of reclassification to CPA Singapore?

12) Are you able to expedite my application?

13) How will I be informed of the application status?

14) I received the notification that my application for Associate Membership / CPA Singapore has been approved. Will I be given a certificate?


1) What are the 4 Categories of ICPAS membership?

2) What are the membership fees for the various types of members?

3) I would like to make changes to my mailing address and contact details. How should I go about doing it?

4) What is the login id that I should use in Membership portal?

5) I forgot my password. How can I reset my password?

6) How do I access Member Handbook?

7) I am currently a member and I believe I have a membership no. What is my membership no.?

Collection and Re-print of Certificate

1) Validity period for collection of certificate

2) Where can I collect my certificate?

3) Can I authorize another person to collect my certificate?

4) Can I request for my certificate to be mailed to me?

5) Cost of Re-print of Certificate

Membership Subscription Payment

1) What are the membership fees for the various types of members?

Print Membership Subscription Receipt Online

1) How do I print a copy of the receipt for my subscription renewal fee paid online?

Transitional Arrangements for CPAs Singapore and Associates

1) I have resigned/deregistered as a CPA Singapore previously. Will I be eligible to qualify as a CA Singapore now?

2) I am a Fellow CPA Singapore title holder. Will I be grandfathered to be a Fellow CA Singapore?

3) I am a Member in Retirement with ICPAS. Will I be grandfathered to a CA Singapore designation?

4) What are the procedures for the grandfathering of existing CPA Singapore and Fellow CPA Singapore holders?

5) I am an ICPAS Associate who graduated from the Bachelor of Accountancy degree programme from NTU. Do I need to complete the Singapore QP to qualify for the CA Singapore designation?

6) I am a graduate of the MBA (Accountancy) degree programme by NTU but have not gained the relevant work experience to qualify for the CPA Singapore designation. What is the cut-off date to fulfill the work experience requirement?

7) I am eligible to apply for ICPAS membership under the current list of recognised professional qualifications. With the introduction of the CA Singapore designation, will I still qualify for ICPAS membership?

8) I have completed the ICPAS PAC and have fulfilled the relevant work experience to apply for membership with ICPAS. Will I be conferred a CPA Singapore designation or a CA Singapore designation if I apply for ICPAS membership now?

9) I am an ICPAS Associate and did not apply for full membership. Can I continue to be an Associate member of ICPAS?

10) I am an ICPAS Associate but have not completed the ICPAS Pre-Admission Course (PAC). If I am unable to register for ICPAS PAC by 31st March 2014 as the registration is full due to overwhelming applications, what can I do?

11) I have completed my ICPAS PE and became an Associate member in 2012 but have not fulfilled the relevant work experience yet. Will I still be eligible to qualify for the CA Singapore designation?

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